If you’re reading this, then you’re probably not working


Through the use of mobile phones, you can watch videos, do research, check emails, take photos, connect with friends, and all the other good stuff. But wait, have you ever been in a situation where you were supposed to finish an important task but you ended up scrolling and scrolling over your newsfeed on Facebook or kept watching ‘one more’ video on Youtube?

Gone are the days when people actually get things done without any interference or without any help from the internet. With various immersive games, virtual realities, and hot news within our fingertips who would not be drawn towards it, right? We are definitely living in a world full of distractions. The fact here is that today, it is easier to lay down on your bed and play Mobile Legends or watch cat videos all day than get important stuff done.

In this generation, we are led to believe that we can multi-task work and entertainment, but the truth is, only some can. Fortunately, technology can also cure this “distraction” syndrome that we are experiencing. So let’s get into it!

We have listed here the top five applications which promise to block distractions because after all, there is more to life than the internet or your mobile phones. These apps are tailored fit for every individual who needs help in boosting concentration and avoiding distractions.



This application lives up to its tagline “put down your phone and focus on what’s more important in your life.” It is undoubtedly perfect for those who finally want to break away from their phones in a fun and motivating way. It uses gamification procedures to give reward and motivate the users.  Forest challenges you to stay focused for a specific period of time in exchange for the growth of a virtual tree. If the user fails to focus and tries to leave the app, then the tree will die. The main objective here is to create a forest (where you will earn virtual coins) by means of making you plant virtual trees.

What’s even more exciting about this is that you can actually earn virtual coins which in turn you can use to plant REAL trees. This is made possible by the Forest team and the popular tree-planting-organization, Trees for the Future.


AntiSocial: Phone addiction

What exactly does normal phone usage look like? Well, you’ll get to see it using this killer application. It has a simple and easy to use interface perfect for all those “get-on-with-it” people. Its major edge is that this app is packed with loads of charts that detect your usage time, app opens, frequently used applications, and phone unlocks. What’s even more amazing about this is you can compare your statistics to other users and see who is improving!

Apart from other apps similar to this one, AntiSocial will actually give you the opportunity to change and motivate yourself by giving the statistics and information that you need to open your eyes and take action.


SPACE-Break phone addiction

Let’s face it: unplugging from our phones and the internet is waaaay too hard! But with the use of the popular productivity app named Space, we might be able to meet our goal.

It is somewhat similar to Forest, only that in this one, you’ll build your own galaxy packed with aliens, spaceships, planets, and a whole bunch of other stuff. In addition to that, it offers a simple yet elegant interface. You can invite your family and friends to use this app and share their results with you.  What’s even more exciting here is that you’ll have a personalized program based on your usage data. So this is like a personal virtual trainer.


Goodtime productivity timer

This app will make use of the well-known Pomodoro technique wherein the users will get to enjoy 5 minute breaks after a 25 minute work/session. This one is not as technical as the others listed here, rather it is just a timer. Perfect for those who are really keen on focusing and concentrating without the need to use apps and understand their nitty-gritty.


Engross: Stay focused

The use of mobile phones has undoubtedly became an essential part of our lives. It keeps us connected and informed, but it also somehow distracts disconnects us from the world. This is where Engross will take center stage in our list.

Engross advertises itself as a cure for distractions as it is designed to lower procrastination and improve concentration. Once installed, the user will be greeted by a blue circle at the center of the screen which should be hit every time the user gets distracted. At the end of the timer, you will have the data on how many times you got distracted. In light of that, you will be challenged to lower the number of times you get distracted next time you start the timer again.

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