Free stuff is always a good thing!


Whether you are a beginner or a five star designer, you’ll surely find it easier to work on your projects by including resources already available at your disposal. Having pre-designed fonts, vectors, and even mock-up templates will not only support you in delivering quality content but also save you time and speed up the process.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tools out there to make your graphic content much easier. There are a lot of online communities such as Deviantart and Behance which take pride in sharing design resources and content to showcase their imaginative work. Most of these resources come with a price, but it would excite you to know that there are also free ones which you can check out right now? Alright, to save you time from researching these “freebies” we have listed here our personal picks for the top five high-quality resources every designer (or wannabe) must know.


The Noun Project (icons)


Finding free high-quality icons without a watermark is definitely not a walk in the park. You may have tried to search for some in Google Images only to find out that there are only a few which are “okay”  in quality. Moreover, we bet you’ll have trouble resizing these icons! And this is where this website will come in.

The Noun Project is somewhat similar to an online visual dictionary for free and high-quality icons created and uploaded by graphic designers all over the world. When we say dictionary, we mean DICTIONARY! This site includes almost all the icons under the sun. With its continuously growing community, we bet that more and more icons will be made available here for everyone.  All they ask is that you credit to the icon’s designer each time you use their icon.


Pexel (stock photos)


Every designer knows that including superior photos and excellent illustrations is an integral part of any design process. We bet that you wouldn’t want to see a website with only text and pixelated photos right? So if you hear what we are saying then let’s go on and dig into this amazing website which caters to the needs of every graphic artist, photographer, and designer.

All of us know that finding free stock photos on the internet is a big hassle. Lucky for you, we have this website called Pexel. Pexel offers high-grade stock photos which are completely free under the license of CC0. It has a large collection of beautifully captured images that you can use for personal or commercial purposes.

If you’re looking for some more free image options, we also had a brief look at Unsplash and Pixabay.


Canva (online graphic design)


Infographics in 5 minutes? Canva can do it! This website enables everyone to become a designer as it gives the users pre-designed templates which you can customize to your own liking. What we love about this is that Canva has a template for everything! Invitations, certificates, posters, or resume. You name it! What’s even more exciting about this is that you can access this online for free.

It capitalizes on the ease of use since it has a drag and drop feature combined with the stunningly generated templates. You may choose to upload your own pictures for the template or use their own library. In addition to that, you may add filters, add icons and shapes, and change fonts. All these and more when you check out this all-in-one website!


Placeit (mock up)


Have you ever wondered how you could craft a mockup image under 5 minutes without using Photoshop? Then worry no more since you may just have to check out our next website.

Placeit is a mock up template tool available for free online. You can add your website screenshot or upload designs   on any of the mockup templates you want whether it is on an iPad, smartwatch, book cover, t-shirts, Facebook ad, or anything you want! There are tons of categories to choose from and you can download the mockup for free!


FreeTypography (free fonts)


The font style you use says a lot about yourself. There are a lot of free fonts available online and there is no reason for you to pay such a high price for all of it. If your friend consistently uses ComicSans in any of their documents, then we guess that it’s time for you to have a little chat with them.  One reason why handwritten-style fonts are popular today is because it provides a certain personality in a way that Comic sans, Arial, or Times New Roman cannot.  And this is where our final website will take centre stage. offers high-quality free fonts which you can use for your documents or graphic creations. All you have to do is download the zipped file, extract it (no virus, yay!), and install it on your computer. You’ll definitely find a ton of unique and excellent fonts for specific purposes- book covers, Facebook ads, album covers, or Infographics.

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