#GOALS (Literally)


The 2018 Football World Cup is in full swing and we thought it would be fun to use our BI powers to good use and provide everyone with some fun insights of the beautiful game.



Day two: While watching England vs Sweden, the commentator mentioned how successful England are with set pieces. He is right, six of their eleven goals are from set pieces. 3 from penalties and 3 from indirect set pieces.  More than any team in the competition.

Day one: Belgium is really shining, 14 goals scored so far. Second place have scored 9 (England, France and Russia)


Round of 16


Day Four: Both matches went to penalties but we did not record them as they were not part of open play.

Day Three: 7 goals in two matches, what a day for goals! We are now 28 goals short from the 171 goals from 4 years ago.

Day two: Russia is now number two on the total number of goals.  The hosts are doing well!

Day one: Two games in and we already have 10 goals! That’s more than all 6 matches of group C at 9 goals over three match days.

All six goals for Argentina came from open play which is the same as Spain.  Belgium still leads the goals tally with 9.


Group Stages


Did you know if you had tickets to Nizhny Novgord Stadium you would’ve had a better chance of seeing a goal? The stadium hosted games for England, Croatia, Sweden, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Panama with a total of 15 goals!

On the other hand, if you went to Luzhniki Stadium or Samara Stadium you would’ve waited a while for a goal with 7 goals each.

Did you also know that all three goals for South Korea were all in injury time? Interesting indeed.

Below is the dashboard. Created by Microsoft Power BI with data collected by yours truly!  I will update the dashboard after each game day all the way to the final.  Enjoy!

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